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Family Discount
A 10% family discount applies if you have in your immediate family, 1 or 2 Parent/Guardians in any membership category and any number of Junior or Young Adult members who reside at the same address. If you would like to pay for your family membership, please contact the office to arrange the discount by Tuesday 3 May 2016.

Credit in Member Account
If you have a credit in your member account, please contact the office on (07) 3396 8666 to utilise the credit to offset your member subscriptions. If you also have a direct debit in place this may override the credit in your account therefore we ask that you please contact us no later than Tuesday 3 May 2016.

Annual Payment & Monthly Instalment
If you want to belong and Direct Debit details have previously been provided, no further action is required.

For monthly instalments of membership, the 1st instalment will be taken in the first week of May. The following payments will be taken in the first week of each calendar month.

A family discount is not applicable to the monthly instalment option.

Paying by monthly instalment is under the condition that it is continued for the full calendar year.

If you have not previously paid your subscriptions by monthly instalment and would like to take advantage of this payment option, please contact the office on (07) 3396 8666 or email You can also fill out a generic form by clicking here

Electronic Bank Transfer into Squadron Account
If you would like to pay your annual subscription by bank transfer, please complete the subscription renewal notice and follow the instructions on the bottom of the form. Bank details are provided on this form and please send your payment receipt to

Bank account details are as follows:
Name: Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron
Bank: Westpac  |  BSB: 034 053   |    ACC: 800 410
Reference: Please include your member number and include the word ‘SUBS’

Support our sailors
We encourage you consider donating to the RQYS John Harrison Olympic Foundation and the Interstate and Overseas Support Fund (ISOSSF).
These funds provide support for our talented young members striving to compete in the worldwide arena. Tax deductibility is available and if you would like to donate, please call us on (07) 3396 8666.

Membership Card
Please do not throw away the membership card which you currently have. Upon completion of payment, you will be sent a sticker containing a new expiry date (04/17) which is to be placed on the back of this card.

Other information
If you have recently moved, changed email or contact phone numbers, acquired or disposed of a vessel in the past 6-12months, please click here

You may access your electronic Silver Card on with your YA number. If you do not know your YA number, please contact the office on (07) 3396 8666 or

By renewing your membership you agree to be bound by the Member Protection Policy which can be found here

Changes to your circumstances
We don’t relish in losing any of our members, but if you should be transferred interstate or overseas due to other commitments, or if you think you are unable to continue, please call us on (07) 3396 866 or email so that we can assist you with options to retain your membership.

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