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Navigation Events

Click Here for Predicted Navigation Event Rules Book – Updated July 2019

What is a Navigation Event

A predicted navigation event is an on-water activity available to any RQYS member whose boat is seaworthy. Traditionally a power boat event, however, yacht owners are more than welcome to test their navigation skills too. It will help improve your navigational skills and also provide more understanding of your vessel. The event involves traveling over a set course at a nominated speed over the bottom, meaning tidal and weather conditions have to be reckoned with to maintain this speed and to reach the finish at the correct time.

Competition amongst the boats is divided into two divisions – Displacement Division for vessels with a nominated speed up to 10 knots and Planning Division for vessels with a nominated speed of 10.1 knots or more. The camaraderie with other competitors is a fantastic way to enjoy this boating activity.


The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Cruising and Navigation Committee conducts three competitive navigation events each year, the Goodwill Cup, the Myora Cup and the Past Commodores’ Cup. Each of these events attracts points towards the Squadron Champion award and other perpetual trophies. The Squadron Championship is determined by a point scoring system upon which points are allocated to the nominated skipper with the highest placings for the three events.

Points Scoring System
Event 1st 2nd 3rd Participation
Goodwill Cup 10 pts 8 pts 6 pts 4 pts
Myora Cup 10 pts 8 pts 6 pts 4 pts
Past Commodores’ Cup 10 pts 8 pts 6 pts 4 pts


Other events include the Heavies Race, this is where the power boats hoist a sail (anyway they can) and compete in fun race over a short course. To make the event more interesting and available to all members the yachts are invited to participate but the challenge for them is that they are required to sail backwards.

New Technology

GPS chart plotters are found on nearly every boat these days and are by far the easiest way to navigate around our waterways. This technology has helped make our navigation events very close competitions with only seconds separating the competitors. A division for those who wish to compete with the use of GPS has been created, instead using the traditional navigation methods of dead reckoning.

The Track Tracker system is a GPS tool the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron uses to our score our navigation events. This system will electronically record competing vessels speed and position throughout the course making it quicker, easier and more accurate to work out participant’s scores.

 2017 Goodwill Cup Navigation Super Event