Commodore’s Update

Deanbilla Announcements

Deanbilla Announcements
Commodore Ian Threlfall
I am pleased to announce to the membership a number of important projects which will add significant member and community benefit into the future.
A number of our initiatives that have been on the agenda for some months or years now are reaching fruition.
Initiative 1 – RQYS Member Moorings
Several years ago, the State Government (MSQ) gazetted a large proportion of Deanbilla Bay as a small craft mooring area with an associated 66 mooring positions. Indeed, a look at the latest edition of marine charts will confirm that the moorings have all been designated. RQYS did not play a part in this process. Over time, some of these gazetted moorings have been taken up by members of the General Public. Over a year ago, the RQYS General Committee decided to apply, on behalf of our members, for permission to deploy 10 moorings within this already approved zone for short term member use. These 10 environmentally friendly moorings are currently being installed. During the next week we will publish further information to members as to how to take advantage of this great new member benefit.

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